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Qingyuan Puhe Meiye New Materials Technology Co. Ltd..

Qingyuan Puhe Meiye New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the development and manufacture of new materials related to fiber enhancement since its establishment. The company follows the purpose of science and technology, continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence, brand building, and integrity services. After more than a decade of development, products and services have received consistent praise from domestic and foreign customers, and have gradually become a composite product production company with a certain impact. The company introduces advanced Japanese and Taiwanese production equipment and technology, and combined with the growing demand for complex materials market applications, we regard the needs of customers as our own responsibility, with strong technical strength, scientific material formulas, strict quality assurance systems, and strong manufacturing teams. Set up R&D and manufacturing as one, create a fine material industry. The company has always adhered to the "quality first, customer first, thin profit, sales, integrity" business philosophy, with "excellent quality, quality services, preferential prices" enthusiasm for domestic and foreign customer service. The company uses four non-quality principles: "Do not accept bad products, do not manufacture bad products, do not pass bad products, and continuously innovate quality" to manufacture products needed by customers. Products are suitable for: aircraft, toy products, baby carriages, medical equipment, outdoor supplies, tool handles, crafts, tents, umbrellas, golf, building materials, agricultural supplies. Welcome customers from home and abroad to inquire about orders, the company for the regular size of products can be free samples. True feelings look forward to your presence!

Strong technical force

We have high standards, high standards, high goals.
Follow science and technology to build a factory, continue to innovate, pursue excellence

Adhere to High-tech Development Strategy and Strengthen Quality Management

Bring it into play in scientific research, innovation, environmental protection, aesthetics, corrosion resistance
Five strengths to ensure superior quality of products

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Urawa MieSpecializing in new materials, strong, quality first

Manufacture and processing of main glass fiber and carbon fiber pipe rod


Since its establishment, Hemei has followed the
development of science and technology, continued innovation,
and pursued excellence. Brand building,he purpose of honest
service has experienced more than a decade of development. Now
it is also quite large.To be a supplier of fiberglass
and carbon fibre should be used to provide product solutions.


Puhe Meiye New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has 50 + kinds
of spot supply, the main products are: carbon fiber sheet, carbon
fiber sheet, carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber sheet. Glass fiber tube,
glass fiber rod, carbon fiber rod, carbon fiber tube, glass fiber sheet, etc.


Fiberglass is a very good alternative to metal materials.
Fiberglass becomes a building, transportation, electronics,
Electrical, chemical, metallurgical, environmental protection, national
defense and other industries; Glass fiber is usually
used as a reinforcement material, electrical insulation material and
thermal insulation material in composite materials. Glass fiber has
the characteristics of good insulation, strong heat resistance, good
corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength,
strong frost resistance and so on.


It takes only 8 hours to communicate with customers
to the final customized production plan to help you solve
problems quickly and efficiently. Xianghe Glass Fiber has
a scientific management system and professional
quality inspection procedures to quickly respond to customer
needs. 7x24 hours customer service is
for you. Sincerely solve the glass fiber problem for customers.
24-Hour after-sale hotline: 13500012815


Multiple Projects

Widely used construction, electronics, electrical, national defense and other industries

more ———

Products sold far

With "excellent quality, high quality service, preferential price" enthusiasm for domestic and foreign customers.

  • Branding

    The company introduced advanced
    production equipment and technology
    from Japan and Taiwan.

  • international

    Actively Develop New and I
    nnovative Products Continuously
    Improve the Core Competitiveness
    of the Company's Products

  • Excellence

    Give full play to
    the advantages of five aspects.
    Ensuring Excellent Quality of
    Products Expanding the production
    scale of products


Corporate dynamics

The main applications of fiberglass rods are: widely used in tents, bags, golf nets, gun racks, beach chairs, kites, win... [Details]
Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and carbon fiber rod have excellent properties, and there is a good interface between PEEK... [Details]

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